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New Locations!


Tales 'N Tunes has partnered with The Bookies Bookstore and Timbuk Toys-University Plaza 

We will offer our classes at these two, independently-owned stores that have captured the hearts and minds of Denver's children with their amazing book and toy collections for decades.

Winter 2020 Session


Tales 'N Tunes Winter 2020 Session
Winter Session Dates:
Jan. 6th - March 13th
(10-week session)
~Mixed-Age Classes
~All New Winter-Themed Book Collection













Make-Ups and Demos

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Community Outreach


Please visit our new tab “Community Outreach” to learn about our outreach efforts.

Tales 'N Tunes LLC is a new, early childhood literacy, music, and movement program for young children and their parents and caregivers. This early childhood program was conceived by Tonya Lemmons, an experienced, early childhood music educator. 

At Tales 'N Tunes LLC, we believe that parents and caregivers are the most powerful models for children learning natural language and the language of music. Also, we believe that with a developmentally appropriate, rich language and musical environment that all children can develop a disposition toward becoming life-long readers and music-makers! Why story? Quite simply, reading to and with young children helps them to learn to love reading. What makes Tales ‘n Tunes unique is that we interact with and respond to the best in children’s literature through musical play. In class we will use our voices, bodies, puppets, scarves, and child-friendly instruments to engage in musical play: chanting nursery rhymes, exploring rhythm, rhyme, and repetition through children’s poetry, and singing songs inspired by the themes in well-written, children’s stories. Through engaged, adult participation, our goal is to immerse children in a rich environment filled with the joy of story, music and movement. 

Benefits of Tales ‘N Tunes


A strong bond between parent /caregiver and child

Language development: building phonological awareness, print awareness and vocabulary

Rich musical environment: musical play with tonality and rhythm

Body awareness: coordination and motor skills

Social interaction in a multi-age setting

Exposure to the musical heritage of many cultures and eras

Parent information on selecting quality, age-appropriate literature

Parent information on how to recognize and shape your child’s musical responses.







The Bookies Bookstore is proud to endorse

Tales ‘N Tunes LLC







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